5 Reasons Why You Should Get an iPhone 5

With the iPhone 5 launch in Malaysia just a few hours away, have you made up your mind if you should get one or not? 5 reasons for iPhone 5. Sounds good? Ready to be convinced? Read on.

Reason #1: iPhone 5 is the Fastest, Thinnest and Lightest iPhone Ever Built

The iPhone 5 is twice faster than the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5 is just 7.6 mm thick and weights only 112 grams. You want to get your hands on it.

Reason #2: iPhone 5 is TIME Magazine Gadget of The Year 2012

A few days ago, TIME Magazine listed the iPhone 5 as 2012 Gadget of the Year, calling it “one of the most artfully polished gadgets anyone’s ever built”. Again, you want to own one. Direct link to see the top 10 gadgets here.

Reason #3: It’s Time To Live Smart

It’s the end of year 2012, the digital age. Everyone is talking about Whatsapp, Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flipboard, etc and it’s time that you join the Smart Community. You can read the latest news on the go, send free SMS (with Whatsapp), navigate to anywhere you want, take a photo and share with your friends on the go (with Facebook, Instagram or Twitter), ask the phone to set a timer, reminder or make a phone call for you, and do so much more with your iPhone 5.

Reason #4: Your Old Phone Is Dying

You know your old Sony Ericsson or Nokia conventional phone is dying. It’s time to change.

Reason #5: It’s Time To Upgrade Your iPhone 3GS

Most people with the iPhone 3GS love their iPhone. But do you know that even though you’ve updated to the latest iOS, you’re missing a lot of the new features on that old 3GS? Take one example, SIRI. It’s time to talk to her. You’ll love the iPhone 5 more than your 3GS, guaranteed.

iPhone 5 Black & Slate

Not Convinced? Here’s a Bonus Reason For You: You Know You Want One

Ask yourself, do you want one? Follow your heart. Don’t think too much. Just do it. Get one. You won’t regret it. You’ll love it.

This is a video of iPhone 5 launch around the world. Join the excitement.

Do you have any other reasons to add into the list? Put them in the comment section below. Starting with Reason #6.

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