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By now you should have downloaded the Flipboard App into your iPad. This article will provide some guidelines in getting the best out of your Flipboard app, as well as sharing some of the contents that we like.


1. Add your Social Network Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Reader)

You should add your social network accounts into your Flipboard and experience a whole new way of browsing through newsfeeds shared by your friends and people you follow. Just tap the Magnifying Glass on the top right corner of your Page 1 screen and choose Accounts.

After adding your Facebook account, you can now flip through newsfeeds from your friends and pages that you’ve liked in Facebook. If you like a content, just tap on it to read more about it. You can also Like or post a comment of a content on Facebook directly through Flipboard. Also, you can Share a content to your Facebook wall or email the link to the content to your friends and family.

You can Like, Comment or Share a Facebook Content inside the App

Adding Facebook Comment inside the Flipboard App

Share a Facebook Content inside the App

Tweet from within Flipboard


2. Add Contents that Interest You Most

Next, let add some interesting contents to your Flipboard. Again, tap on the Magnifying Glass on the top right corner of your screen, and choose the category that interest you most.

Tap ‘This Week’ for the This Week’s Highlighted Contents arranged for you by Flipboard. For example, tap What’s Hot. Flipboard will then open a brand new page with contents that are inside the ‘What’s Hot’ category. You can flip through the contents and if you like them, just tap the blue “Add” button on the top left corner of the screen. “What’s Hot” will now be added to your Favourite Content pages.

We recommend the following contents that we think you should add to your Favourite Content list:

  • Flipboard Tech under Tech & Science Category for the latest news about Gadgets and Technological related news.
  • National Geographic under Travel Category for travelling tips accompanied by travelling tips and information.
  • 500px: Editor’s Choice, Flickr Interestingness and Fotopedia Magazine under Photos & Design Category for breathtaking pictures on Flipboard.
  • Flipboard Popular in Living and Flipboard Health under Living Category for daily living and health tips.
  • Flipboard Business under Business Category for the latest international business news update.
  • Flipboard News under News Category for the latest international news updates (from CNN Breaking News, BBC World, Al Jazzera, ABC news, etc)
  • Flipboard Picks under This Week Category for random interesting contents picked by Flipboard Staff.

Tech & Science Category

Photos & Design Category

Flipboard Picks

National Geographic

National Geographic Content on Flipboard

National Geographic Content on Flipboard

Fotopedia Magazine


3. Add Country Specific Contents to your Favourite Content List (Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, UK, Canada, China & France)

Flipboard offers 8 other country specific contents besides the Default United States contents. You can access these country specific contents by tapping the Settings button (an icon that looks like a wheel) on the bottom right corner of the Favourite Contents Page. Then tap on Content Guide to select the country you desire. Once you’re in the Country Specific Contents List, you can add the contents that you like into your Favourite List and change the Content Guide Country Settings back to United States but still able to read country specific contents that you have made them available in your Favourite Contents Page.


Flipboard Country Specific Contents

Flipboard Japanese Contents

Flipboard Japanese Content: Harajuku

Flipboard Taiwanese Contents

Flipboard Taiwanese Contents

Flipboard Taiwanese Contents


4. Add SoundCloud Account to Flipboard and Listen to Music While Flipping

Flipboard released the latest Version 1.9 Update on 16 May 2012, bringing Sound to Flipboard. If your App is updated to the latest version, you will be able to listen to music or radio podcast while flipping through contents in Flipboard. To add SoundCloud to your Flipboard, you will need to signup for a SoundCloud Account and start following people or friends who share Sounds or Music. You can signup for a SoundCloud account from inside the app itself. Just tap the Magnifying Glass on the top right corner of the iPad, select Account and then Tap on SoundCloud to setup a new account. After signing up to SoundCloud, you will notice that there is no content from your Flipboard SoundCloud section. This is because you have not followed anyone yet. You need to login to outside of Flipboard and start following people for their shares to appear on your Flipboard SoundCloud Section. You can also download the Free SoundCloud App from the App store to follow people or to record your own sound.

Also following the Flipboard Version 1.9 Update is a new Category – Audio. You can play musics or podcast from Atlantic Records, Snoop Dogg, NPR, PRI (Public Radio International), etc sections on the Flipboard. A new audio control menu is also available on the bottom left corner of the screen when flipping through other Flipboard sections to Play, Pause, Back or Skip a tune inside the app. The music or podcast will still be playing even though you’ve got out of the Flipboard app and can only be stopped inside the app or when you’ve closed the Flipboard app via the iPad multitasking bar.

Signing Up for SoundCloud Account inside Flipboard

Musics and Sound Feeds from SoundCloud Account

New Audio Category on Flipboard

Playing Atlantic Records on Flipboard

New Sound Control Menu on the bottom left corner in the app


5. Adding iPad Club Malaysia Facebook Page into Flipboard Favourite Content Page

You can add any Facebook page that you’ve Like to Flipboard so that updates from that page will be separated from your regular Facebook newsfeeds for quicker access. To add iPad Club Malaysia Facebook Page to your Flipboard:

a. Tap the Magnifying Glass on the Top Right Corner of the App.
b. Tap Account and then Facebook Account.
c. Tap Pages.
d. Tap iPad Club Malaysia.
e. Tap “+Add” on the Top Left Corner to add iPad Club Malaysia Facebook Page to your Flipboard Favourite Contents Page.

You’ll then able to read our shares and feeds straight from Flipboard. You can add your favourite Facebook Group, Friends, Your Wall or Photos of Yourself as a separate Favourite Section using similar steps.

iPad Club Malaysia on Flipboard


6. Deleting or Re-arranging  Flipboard Favourite Contents

To delete or re-arrange Favourite Content, just tap and hold on the Favourite Content Page until the X circle comes out of each Favourite Content. To delete, just tap the X circle. To re-arrange, just tap, hold and drag that Favourite Content you wish to move to. It’s that simple. Once done, just tap on an empty space. Tip: Plenty of white empty space to tap on at the top of the screen.

Deleting or Re-arranging Favourite Contents


If you have not already done so, download the Flipboard App into your iPad now. It’s FREE.

Direct iTunes Download Link:

What is your favourite sections on Flipboard? Share your Flipboard experience with us in the comments section below. We look forward to your recommendations.

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