Apple Goes Green

It’s earth day today, and Apple retail stores around the world goes green, with the leaf of Apple’s logo turned green and Apple Stores employees wearing green T-shirts.

Green Apple Logo

Apple Retail Employees with Green T-Shirt

Furthermore, Apple released a video titled Better, which describes how the company aimed to make the world better, showing off its green computing efforts, including having most of its facilities 100% powered with renewable energy. Also, to show the management’s commitment towards green computing, the video is narrated by CEO Tim Cook himself.

Green Computing

Green computing might be something new or deemed unimportant to some people, but the truth is, it is more important than ever now as more people owns and uses electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and even cloud computing. Companies like Apple, Google, HP and Facebook are powering their facilities with renewable energies and building their products to be more energy efficient, recyclable and environmental friendly.

To know more about Apple’s effort in green computing, visit their website:

Coincidentally, I was doing my presentation on Green Computing in one of my MBA classes about a month ago. I wish I have the video that Apple posted today to share in my presentation that day. Anyhow, it is our responsibility to create awareness about green computing to the people around us.

Apple Recycling Program

Do you know how to recycle your Apple devices? Click on this link to learn more about Apple Recycling Program:

And for Malaysians, here’s the link to the local company that provides recycling services for Apple devices in Malaysia:

Photos Credit: Apple Insider

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