Apple Sold 3 Million iPad Mini and iPad4 Combined in 3 Days, Hints More Countries to Get iPad Mini and iPad4 by Year End

Apple just announced through it’s website that 3 million iPad Mini and iPad4 combined have been sold in just 3 days since they were released on November 2. The sale number doubled iPad3 first weekend sale number of 1.5 million units (Wi-Fi only model) back in March 2012. The comparison is made only on Wi-Fi only model because Wi-Fi + Cellular models are not yet released for iPad Mini and iPad4 to date. Apple is expected to release the Wi-Fi + Cellular models in “a few weeks” in USA and to more countries later this year. Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the iPad Mini were sold out and Apple is working hard to make more of them to meet the strong demand for the device. Apple also said that demand for iPad mini exceeded the initial supply and while many of the pre-orders have been shipped to customers, some are scheduled to be shipped later this month.

Another interesting thing to note in this Apple announcement is that iPad Mini which is currently available to 34 countries around the globe will be made available to “many more countries later this year, including mainland China“. This could be a good news to Malaysian who are waiting to get their hands on the iPad Mini as we could actually get the iPad Mini and iPad4 by year end and not early next year. Let’s hope Malaysia will be included in Apple’s “many more countries” list this time.

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Complete Apple Announcement can be found in this link:

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