Bunny Escape – A Wonderful Made in Malaysia iOS Game

Bunny Escape is a Made in Malaysia iOS Game for iPad and iPhone released just 2 days ago on 28 November 2012. This wonderful game is another example how talented our fellow Malaysians are. Created by 3 Malaysians who are friends since secondary school, the Bunny Escape game took them one whole year to develop. These passionate and talented Malaysians spent their day time working at three different day jobs but after working hours, they get together to develop this wonderful game.

Bunny Escape is all about helping the little white bunny Beep to escape from the evil hands of the bomoh Owl. The cute little bunny finds help from several other game casts bunnies with different special abilities as it progress through the game. This includes bunny that will explode – Carre, bunny with wings and can fly – Elle, bunny which is invisible and can go through walls – Bon and a highly energetic bunny which gets two moves in the game called Dan, the Double-D bunny.

The gameplay is simple but requires some thinking and quick reaction. Just swipe across the iPad or iPhone screen to create the path for the bunny to move and get the bunny to it’s final destination of the level. Complete each level to get to the next one that is slightly harder to complete. The gameplay can be very challenging and sometimes frustrating when the bunny kept failing to get to the place I want it to go. Practicing, thinking and quick reaction are the keys to complete the levels in the game. Somehow, the game reminds me of my frustration when playing Angry Birds on my iPad and iPhone.

Bunny Escape is absolutely stable and never crash not even a single time during my entire testing period. The gameplay is as smooth as it can be. Some levels are really tricky and took me quite sometime to figure out how to complete it. If you are looking for a game for time killing but at the same time challenges your mind, this is the perfect game for you.

Bunny Escape Bunny Friends

Bunny Escape Different Bunnies Different Abilities

Bunny Escape Adorable Casts

Bunny Escape Teamwork

Bunny Escape Achievements

Bunny Escape is available to download in the App Store for Free (Lite version) and $0.99 (Full version). You can download the lite version to try it out first and if you like the game, purchase the full version to play on more levels for only US$0.99 or about RM3.

Bunny Escape App LogoDirect Download Links, tap to download:

iPad Lite Version (Free)

iPad Paid Version ($0.99)

iPhone Lite Version (Free)

iPhone Paid Version ($0.99)

Bunny Escape Available in App Store

Bunny Escape Malaysia

Support Malaysian app developers. Download the Bunny Escape app today to your iPad and iPhone. Played the game? Let us know your thoughts about the game in the comment section below.

Game Developer Website: http://www.trabgames.com/index.html

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