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This is crazy – Everyone is bending their phones now!!

This is probably one of the craziest thing that I’ve ever noticed in recent years. Yes, as crazy as it sounds with the title of this article, the world has gone crazy in the past couple of days when everyone started to bend their phones!! So starting two days ago, in order to see if the phone is a good one or not, it simply needs to pass the…Bend Test??!!

[Review] 嗒啪勇者 Tap Hero: Be One Of The Three Warrior

” Tap Hero “, also known as  ” 嗒啪勇者 ” in Chinese, is a iOS games [also available for Android] was introduced in late November 2013 by a Creative Design Co. Ltd. In all honesty, this is a very interesting game to keep the children entertained and the elder ones relax! It challenges your speed and mind. […]

Celcom iPhone 5 Plans

Celcom iPhone 5 Plans

Celcom has just in a few hours ago unveiled Celcom iPhone 5 Plans to people who has earlier pre-ordered the device from them. The iPhone 5 Plans information was sent via email and we got this information from our member @keantee via Twitter. Celcom has earlier only allowed Pre-Ordering of iPhone 5 with only RM200 […]