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[Review] 嗒啪勇者 Tap Hero: Be One Of The Three Warrior

” Tap Hero “, also known as  ” 嗒啪勇者 ” in Chinese, is a iOS games [also available for Android] was introduced in late November 2013 by a Creative Design Co. Ltd. In all honesty, this is a very interesting game to keep the children entertained and the elder ones relax! It challenges your speed and mind. […]

Denon Club

Denon Club: A Personal Music And Radio App For You

Denon has been well known for their popular high quality and fidelity audio products, not to mention their recently released Lifestyle Headphones which are specially designed for the use by people with different lifestyles. The following is a quick introduction of all the 4 series of the Lifestyle headphones: Music Maniac Audiophile sound experience. So […]