This is crazy – Everyone is bending their phones now!!

This is probably one of the craziest thing that I’ve ever noticed in recent years. Yes, as crazy as it sounds with the title of this article, the world has gone crazy in the past couple of days when everyone started to bend their phones!! So starting two days ago, in order to see if the phone is a good one or not, it simply needs to pass the…Bend Test??!!

iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test

The phenomenon started when a few users of the giant iPhone 6 Plus reported that their phone deformed after being put inside their tight pockets and when they sit onto it. Then someone posted a video on YouTube showing how he can forcefully bend the iPhone 6 Plus. Within 24 hours, the video has received more than 10,000,000 views and the number of views are reportedly increasing at a rate of 1 million views per hour. Here’s the video in case you’ve not seen it:

After that, the news has gone viral. Everyone has been talking about it. Apple’s competitors started to challenge the public to bend their smartphones as if they’re all better phones as long as they don’t bend. What??!! An example would be Blackberry’s CEO challenging a Bloomberg newscaster to bend the newly launched Blackberry Passport. Here’s a video of it.

Earlier today, Apple responded that they have only received 9 such complains out of all the iPhone 6 Plus they have sold so far and would replace the bended phones for free. Furthermore, Apple has responded by opening up their ‘torture lab’ to media like The Verge, showing off to the public how the company conducted its own torture tests on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad.

Click here to see Apple’s torture lab as reported by The Verge.

Also I’ve read about an interesting opinion from an article today which asked whether “is it time for us to own a bendable smartphone”?

Well, here are my views on this crazy phenomenon.

  1. The news is clearly overcooked – 9 reported cases out of millions of sold units? I think only Apple gets this kind of media coverage as the company is always expected to come out with top quality and flawless devices.
  2. You cannot conclude that your phone is better than the other when it is not bendable. Since when is that a benchmark for good phone?
  3. Apple clearly will add a lot more rigorous test on bend-ability of its future iOS devices after this. So i’m sure the coming models of iPhones will be a lot less bendable. The company will put a lot more attention in selecting the right material and go for a more sturdy iPhone design in the future.
  4. No, we do not want a phone that is bendable and can be put back into shape from time to time. That’ll be awful.
  5. You should never want to sit on your smartphone no matter what it is built of. Slide it into the front pocket or even the pocket on your shirt when you’re about to sit down.
  6. The iPhone 6 Plus is still one of the best smartphone you can get out there today. It is not as soft and bendable as others have talked about. It will take some considerable amount of force to deform it. All phone does.
  7. Don’t buy a new phone and try to bend it. You’re not proving anything here. You’re just going to break your new phone. Instead, you should enjoy using it and treat it with the care it deserves.

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    These guys are nuts. And they’re bending the Galaxy Edge now.

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