DiGi iPhone 5 Pre-Order and Plans

DiGi being the third mobile carrier in Malaysia that offers the iPhone 5, has today released DiGi iPhone 5 Plans and allowed for Pre-Ordering of the device. Compared to Maxis subsidised iPhone 5 price, DiGi offers the iPhone 5 16GB model at a higher price from RM2,012 but offers lower monthly commitment fees of RM60 for iDiGi88 plan with 24 months contract.

DiGi iPhone 5

The following are iDiGi88, iDiGi138 and iDiGi238 plans:

DiGi iPhone 5 Plans

DiGi iPhone5 iDiGi88

DiGi iPhone5 iDiGi138

DiGi iPhone5 iDiGi238

You have the option to:

  1. Pre-Order online and get free delivery to your home;
  2. Pre-Order online and self-collect at DiGi 360° – SoHoKL on 14 Dec 2012 midnight to 9pm or 15 Dec 2012 from 10am to 9pm.
  3. Pre-Order at participating DiGi Stores

For more information or to Pre-Order your DiGi iPhone 5, click on the following link:

Source: Digi.com.my

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