Do You Need A Screen Protector For Your iPad?

One of the first thing that most people do with their iPad right after purchasing one is to immediately apply a layer of plastic called the Screen Protector on top of that smooth and silky display. Is that really necessary? Do you need a screen protector for your iPad?

Do You Need A Screen Protector For Your iPad?

Cheap Plastic On A Premium Display

The iPad screen is made out of a durable glass with Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating. The glass is almost scratch-proof and there are very few ways that you can introduce scratches to the glass itself. I believe a substantial percentage of the money you paid for the iPad comes from the premium glass that is part of the iPad. So, please do not go to Pasar Malam (Night Market) and apply a cheap RM10 Screen Protector on that elegant display. It really does not make sense at all. See the video below, are your nails stronger than metals?

Are You Going To Do This To Your iPad?

Unless you’re going to do the following harm to your iPad display as shown in the video below, you should really not require a screen protector on your iPad. The Premium Screen Protector from ZAGG Invisible Shield in the video will cost you at least US$34.99 or about RM110. Ask your screen protector vendor, can the screen protector they sell withstand the following? If not, forget about it.

Some Screen Protectors Distort Your Retina Display

The has been report that some screen protectors will in some way distort the quality of that Retina Display on your iPad. So, you paid a premium price for the Retina Display but then apply a screen protector that will destroy the crisp and sharp Retina Display experience?

You Don’t Carry Your iPad In Your Pockets With Keys and Coins

There has been a few reports that the iPhone screen gets minor scratches when they are put in the same pocket that carries keys and coins days after days. But you don’t carry your iPad in Your Pockets, correct?

iPad Case with Cover Will Protect It Against Accidental Damages

Most iPad case comes with a cover on top of the iPad display. That should be a lot stronger and will provide sufficient protection against accidental damages to your iPad.

Apple Stopped Selling Screen Protectors in Apple Stores

Back in year 2010, just before the first iPad was unveiled, Apple removed all Screen Protectors across all Apple Stores. Apple could have made a lot of money selling screen protectors to their customers but they chose not to. The reason is simple. They want their customers to enjoy premium experience using the iPad the way they built it. So, why stop yourself from having that premium experience?

Apply A Screen Protector Unless…

There are a few screen protectors out there that have special purposes, like the Anti-Glare ones. The Apple iPad Screen is infamous for being prone to glare, especially when using it under the sun. If you use the iPad mostly in glare-prone areas or absolutely cannot stand the glare off that iPad screen, then apply a good Anti-Glare Screen Protector.

Save Money and Enjoy

There are not many occasions where you get to save money but at the same time enjoy. Well, this is one of that special case. Forget about the screen protector and enjoy the smoothness you get when touching the iPad display with your skin, no plastic layer in between and no bubbles to worry. Enjoy what you have paid Apple for the premium experience you will get with the iPad. Personally I have been using my iPad for more than 2 years now and I did not get a single scratch on that beautiful screen. If I were to apply a screen protector on that display the first day I got it, I would have never know how smooth and beautiful the iPad screen is.

While I do not guarantee that your iPad screen will never get scratches at all, I do want to point out that the screen does not get scratches easily. So why give away the premium experience for the fear of a few scratches that you don’t get easily?

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