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With the release of iOS 7, Apple announced that iWork apps are free to download when you purchase a new iPhone, iPad or Mac. The iWork Apps are Pages, Numbers and Keynote, which their functions are equivalent to Microsoft’s Word, Excel and PowerPoint respectively.

Tap on the links below to download the iWork Apps for free (only for those who have recently purchased a new iPhone, iPad or Mac). Previously, each app cost US$9.99 for iPad and iPhone version and US$19.99 for Mac version.

Pages for iPad and iPhone:

Pages for Mac:

Numbers for iPad and iPhone:

Numbers for Mac: 

Keynote for iPad and iPhone:

Keynote for Mac:

To be eligible for the Free iWork apps, you need:

  1. An iPad, iPhone or Mac purchased after September 1, 2013; and
  2. iOS 7 running on the device.

In case you need more information getting all iWork apps onto your iPad or iPhone, here’s a good article from Look at the comments section of that article for some tips if you have difficulty getting the apps for free even though you’re sure your device is eligible. Click here.

And if you have ever wondered if you could get the apps for free on older devices (purchased before September 1, 2013) by simply restoring your iPad and iPhone to factory settings, completely erasing its content, the answer is that it won’t work.

Some Screenshots

Pages Screenshot

Numbers Screenshot

Keynote Screenshot

iWork for iCloud

Apple has also released iWork for iCloud beta, where Pages, Numbers and Keynote can be accessed from a web browser, using either a Mac or Windows PC. For more details about iWork for iCloud, click here.

Anyone with an iCloud account can immediately use iWork for iCloud by signing in to


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