First 10 Apps for Your New iPad and iPad Mini

This article is specially written for those who have just bought a new iPad or iPad Mini. Yes, the latest and greatest iPad with Retina Display or iPad 4 and iPad Mini have already started selling in Malaysia officially last Friday, 07 December 2012. If you are one of those who have just bought an iPad 4 or iPad Mini, here are the 10 Apps for Your New iPad and iPad Mini that you absolutely have to download into your new darling. Oh by the way, we know most Malaysians are still reluctant to pay for an app, so the apps listed here are all Free to download.

The Basic Apps

1. Calculator

Needless to say, this simple app turns your iPad into a giant calculator. In Portrait mode, you get a basic calculator with big buttons and when your turn your iPad to Landscape mode, you get a scientific calculator.

Calculator for iPad Free

2. YouTube

Apple used to include the YouTube app out of the box on all iOS devices but not anymore with devices running iOS 6. No matter what, you can still download the official YouTube app from the App Store which has been recently updated to support usage on the iPad.

YouTube for iPad Screenshot

3. Skype for iPad

Aside from using Apple built in FaceTime on the iPad for video conferencing with others using another Apple product, Skype allows you to talk and video conference with anyone using any devices be it an Apple product, Android or Windows PC as long as it has the Skype application installed.

Skype for iPad

4. Facebook

Who does not have a Facebook account these days? Even the grandmas use Facebook to keep in touch with their old friends. So do I need to say more?

Facebook for iPad

5. Adobe Reader

Apple allows reading of PDF documents in the native Mail app but what if you need to save a PDF document into your iPad for future reading? Adobe Reader is the answer. A simple app for storing and reading PDF files on your iPad.

Adobe Reader


Apps That Will Turn On The Magic on Your iPad

6. Flipboard

This is the first app we recommend on iPad Club Malaysia Facebook page. It is so good that it will turn on the magic on your iPad. What does the app do? It let’s you read everything interesting on the web (including Facebook and Twitter feeds) in a nicely designed magazine layout. You can also say Flipboard turns your iPad into a magazine that has its contents update from time to time. An app that I access everyday. More about Flipboard here and our own Flipboard Guide here.

7. Paper

This is an award winning app we specify to use in our MalaysiaKu iPad Sketching Contest. It’s a simple app that allows you to sketch or write on your iPad on the go. Check out the video below that shows you more about the app.

8. Glow Hockey 2 HD Free

I am not an iPad gamer but I know I have to include at least one game app in this article so here you go, the first game I downloaded into my iPad back in October 2010. There are plenty of Must Have games for the iPad if you ask me but this is one of the simplest game that I think first time iPad user should have.

Glow Hockey 2 HD Free

Apps by Malaysians for Malaysians

9. The Star Editor’s Choice

One of the best Made in Malaysia news app. Formerly known as The Star iPad, this app offers a selection of news, business, features, sports and opinions from columnists and industry insiders. I personally like the crystal clear pictures presented in this app.

The Star Editors Choice

10. 12Fly iPad Travel Magazine

Do you like travelling? Whether you are a regular traveller or one of those who have never travelled outside of Malaysia before, this is a wonderful app that will make you want to travel. 12Fly iPad Travel Magazine offers travel related contents with beautiful photos and videos that will inspire you to travel.

12Fly iPad Travel Magazine

So these are the first 10 apps that I think you should absolutely download into your newly bought iPad. I know I have left a lot of the good stuff here but hey, you can make your suggestions in the comment section below so that I can include them into my next 10 apps to recommend article.

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