How to Speed Up Your Slow iPad in 5 Simple Steps?

Is your iPad getting slower and slower until it starts to frustrate you? Did you noticed more and more apps are crashing on your iPad? This happens frequently to older generation iPads like mine which couldn’t even pop-up the keyboard when required for a few seconds until I simply give up and put it down. In this article, we are going to show you how to speed up your slow iPad in 5 simple steps. Works on slow iPhone and iPod Touches too.

Close Background Running Apps

Step 1: Delete Those Not Frequently Used Apps

Go to Settings ->  General -> About. Look for the ‘Available’ row and see how much space you have left on your iPad. Next, go to Settings -> General -> Usage, wait for awhile and see which app takes up the most of your Storage space and delete those you do not use frequently (or those that you have never even use once in more than 3 months). Look around your iPad and see which app do you need and which one you hardly use. Delete those that you hardly use by tapping and holding on the app until it wiggles, then tap on the delete little circle on the top left corner of the app. Do this until you are certain you have deleted all that you could possibly delete. Don’t worry, you can always re-download the apps that you have already purchased earlier via the App Store or iCloud whenever you need to use them again free of charge.

Step 2: Delete Unused Contents – Books, Magazines, Photos, Videos, Musics, Messages

Next, launch books and magazine apps like iBook, Zinio, Kobo, Distro, Editor’s Choice (The Star iPad), Going Places etc and delete those old issues, books, magazines that you have already read. These contents take up a lot of your iPad space. Also, delete those photos, videos that you took for fun but of no use now or even old musics that you hardly listen to using the Photo & iTunes App. You can only delete photos that you took with your iPad or iPhone but not those that you synced via iTunes. You can also delete musics directly using your iTunes app. Lastly, do you have a lot of old iMessages or even SMS? Delete those old ones that are no longer useful.

Step 3: Clear Your iPad Browser History, Cookies and Data

Like our PC, the iPad browsers keep cache data on the device and they slow our gadget down. You need to clear them up. Many of us including myself have never clear our Safari or other iPad browser’s history, cookies and data since it got out of the box. It is about time. To clear Safari cache, go to Settings -> Safari -> Clear History, Clear Cookies and Data. Do the same on the other iPad browsers that you use. I found that my iPad speed increases significantly after carrying out this step.

Step 4: Close Unused Apps Running In The Background

Although many have argued that this step does not really helps to speed up your iPad, but there is no harm doing this. Push your iPad home button twice and you’ll see all the apps that are running on the background (like the picture above). Tap and hold on one of the app until they all wiggle. Then tap on the Close circle on the top left of the Apps that you want to stop. Don’t worry, doing this will not delete your App, but will only stop it from running in the background, preventing their potential in slowing down your iPad.   

Step 5: Restart Your iPad

How long have you not shutdown your iPad? People like myself often just keep my iPad in standby mode whenever I am not using it and have never really shut it down for more than 3 months. After performing the above 4 steps, shutdown your iPad by pressing and holding the Standby button on the top right corner of your iPad until the ‘Slide To Shutdown’ bar appears. Slide to shutdown your iPad and leave it turned off for more than 1 minute. Then, press and hold the same Standby Button until the Apple Logo appears. You should notice that your iPad speed have increased significantly.

I hope the 5 steps above help you to speed up your iPad and bring it back to it’s past glory. These steps are proven to help bring up the speed of my own iPad 1.

Did the above steps help increase the speed of your iPad? Do you have other tips to speed up the iPad to share with us? I look forward to hear from you in the comments section below.

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3 Responses to “How to Speed Up Your Slow iPad in 5 Simple Steps?”

  1. Why do you say to leave the iPad turned off for 1 minute after shutting it down? There is no technical reason for doing this. Please explain.

    • Profile photo of iPad Club Malaysia

      Hi John, thank you for your comment. The reason for recommending turning off the iPad for 1 minute before turning it on again is just an old school trick. It is simply aimed at making sure all remnant electrical charges that present inside the iPad circuit board are discharged before restarting the iPad.


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