iOS 7 on iPad [Pictures & Videos]

With the release of iOS 7 beta 2 for developers on June 24, 2013, iOS 7 was first seen operating on the iPad. Although not available yet for the general public, it is always good to see how our iPads will operate in the near future. iOS 7 is expected to be made available this Fall, which is sometime between September and November 2013. Recent rumours have tell us that iOS 7 could be released as soon as mid September 2013.

iOS 7 on iPad Mini

iOS7 iPad Compatibility

Screen Shots of iOS 7 on iPad

iOS 7 on iPad looked mostly the same as in the iPhone, just enlarged to fill the larger screen on the iPad. Apple Insider has earlier provided several screen shots of iOS 7 on iPad and we’ve put a few of them here for you to have a quick peek.

To view more screen shots, visit Apple Insider website by clicking here.

Home Screen

iOS 7 on iPad: Home


iOS 7 on iPad: Settings


iOS 7 on iPad: Calendar


iOS 7 on iPad: Safari

Notification Center

iOS 7 on iPad: Notification Center

Hands on Videos of iOS 7 on iPad

As we can see above, iOS 7 offers a totally different user interfaces. Everything just looked different but we believe it should feel familiar to people who have been using the previous generations iOS. So, don’t get worried too much. We are very excited and are looking forward to have iOS 7 running on our iPads as soon as it is released for public.

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