iPad Mini 2nd Batch Stock in Malaysia Update

If you’re one of those who missed out the first batch of iPad Mini sale last week on 07 December and do not wish to purchase online via Apple Malaysia Online Store (2 weeks delivery for all models including Wi-Fi + Cellular model), then this article is for you. Here, we update iPad Mini 2nd Batch Stock in Malaysia as of midnight of 14 December 2012.


According to Machines Facebook Page, all iPad Mini was sold out last week in all Machines Outlet. However, “a small batch of iPad Mini will be available at Machines MidValley and KLCC tomorrow morning”.

Machines iPad Mini Update 1

Machines iPad Mini Update 2


Switch has earlier announced on their Facebook page that Wi-Fi + Cellular model of iPad Mini will be available in their outlets in Penang by Thursday and the rest Friday or the weekend, only to those who has made Pre-Orders at their outlets. Switch also clarified that there will not be any Wi-Fi only model at the moment until further notice on their Facebook Page.

Switch iPad Mini Update

Switch iPad Mini Update

Mac City

All iPad Mini Wi-Fi only models are sold out in all Mac City outlets as they announced on Monday, 10 December 2012. As at the time of posting this article, there is no actual arrival date yet for the next batch of iPad Mini but they did put down the following notes to fans queries, so stay tuned to their Facebook Page for the latest update. They might already be available in Klang Valley outlets but we do believe those are Wi-Fi + Cellular models.

Mac-City iPad Mini Update

Mac City iPad Mini Update


iPad Mini Wi-Fi + Cellular Models are available starting morning of Friday, 14 December 2012 in 4 of their outlets – The Mines, Suria KLCC, CapSquare and Melaka Mahkota Parade (starting from 6pm only). Like others, Wi-Fi only models are not available yet.

Challenger iPad Mini Update

There is no update from other Apple Authorised Resellers not mentioned above at the time of writing this article. – Midnight 14 December 2012.

Update 18 December 2012 @ 11:45pm Malaysia Local Time

Looks like the iPad Mini stock is not available anywhere in Malaysia at the moment this update is written.

However, you can always purchase the iPad Mini from Apple Online Store and wait for 2 weeks or more for delivery.

If you want to purchase the iPad Mini directly from an Apple Authorised Reseller in Malaysia, the best way is to frequently check their Facebook page for the latest updates. Below are direct links to Facebook Pages of Apple Authorised Resellers in Malaysia:

Note that there are some Apple Authorised Resellers that do not have a Facebook Page and therefore are not included in the above list. Another way to check for availability is to make a phone call directly to the respective outlets.

List of Apple Premium and Authorised Resellers in Malaysia can be found here.

iPad Mini Price in Malaysia can be found here.

Update 20 December 2012 @ 11:45am Malaysia Local Time

Challenger just announced that today evening or tomorrow morning (20th Dec evening or 21st Dec morning) there will be a new batch of iPad Mini both Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + Cellular models for sale in their outlets. Limited Stock. You are urged to call their respective outlets to check for actual availability time. Phone numbers of their outlets are as below:

Challenger iPad Mini Update

Click on the above image to visit Challenger Facebook Page.

Update 27 December 2012 @ 11:45am Malaysia Local Time

Challenger indicated on their Facebook page this morning that a new batch of iPad Mini stock will be made available at their outlets today evening 7pm and tomorrow evening 7pm at their Mahkota Parade outlet in Melaka, as indicated in the screen shot below. Do call up their respective outlets to confirm stock availability before going over to avoid disappointment.

Challenger iPad Mini New Stock

Update 29 December 2012 @ 1:30pm Malaysia Local Time

A total of 3 Apple Resellers have limited iPad Mini Stocks in their outlets – Machines, Switch and iTWorld.

Details below: (screen shots taken from their respective Facebook Page)


Machines iPad Mini Stock Update

Machines iPad Mini Stock Update


Switch iPad Mini Stock Update


iTWorld iPad Mini Stock Update

Remember to call up the respective outlets to confirm availability before going over to avoid disappointment. iPad Mini is still selling fast in Malaysia. Most new stocks are sold out within 1 – 2 hours.

Good luck people.

Update 31 December 2012 @ 4:00pm Malaysia Local Time

On this last day of the year, if you’re looking for iPad Mini re-stock, check out the following outlets:


Challenger has earlier in this morning announced on their Facebook page the following availability of new iPad Mini stock in their outlets (except their Mahkota Parade outlet) starting 7pm today.

Challenger iPad Mini Restock Update


If you’re looking for a 64GB iPad Mini Wi-Fi + Cellular model, they are available in the following Machines outlets:

Machines iPad Mini Stock Level Update

Click on the images above to visit Challenger and Machines Facebook Page respectively.

As usual, you’re strongly advised to call out the outlets to confirm stock availability prior to your visit.

Happy New Year from iPad Club Malaysia!!

Update 03 January 2013 @ 11:45pm Malaysia Local Time

Challenger has just updated their Facebook page with news that their new stock of iPad Mini coming in tomorrow.

Check out their Facebook Page for latest update by clicking or tapping on the image below. Also, you’re advised to call their outlets out to confirm before going over to avoid disappointment.

Good luck guys.

Challenger iPad Mini Update

Update 05 January 2013 @ 05:00pm Malaysia Local Time

Machines just posted on their FB page that iPad Mini has been restocked at KLCC, Lot 10, Sunway Pyramid, Empire, Bukit Tinggi and Setia City Mall outlets. Click on the image below to visit their Facebook Page.

Machines iPad Mini Restock Update

Good luck folks.

Update 17 January 2013 @ 10:45pm Malaysia Local Time

Both Mac City and Challenger have updated on their Facebook page with new iPad Mini stock arriving their outlets.

Mac City iPad Mini Update

Challenger iPad Mini Stock Update

Check out their respective Facebook pages for the latest update and don’t forget to call out their outlets prior to your visit to avoid disappointment.

Update 19 January 2013 @ 11:00am Malaysia Local Time

New stock of iPad Mini in Machines and Mac City outlets!!

Machines iPad Mini Stock Update

Mac City iPad Mini Update

Remember to make a phone call to their outlets to confirm availability prior to visiting their outlets. Good luck!!

Update 04 February 2013 @ 6.00pm Malaysia Local Time

Apple is finally catching up on it’s supply of the iPad Mini to meet the strong demand for the product. If you have not got your iPad Mini yet, you should stop checking for new stock supply from the resellers and start ordering from Apple Online Store Malaysia. Delivery time has just dropped from previously 2 weeks to 3 – 5 business days now. Details here.

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  1. 1 iPad mini White 16gb wifi only – RM1,500, available on 21 December in PJ. email me at muzzdang at gmail.com if interested

  2. Try to check at C-Zone i Studio in Digital Mall PJ. I pick up my new Ipad Mini 16 GB Wifi this morning. Seems they have SMALL quantities everyday. Went there a few days back, also got stock but only Wifi + Cellular. This morning i give them a call, made a booking with promise to collect by 12 noon and got it. Notice they have like another 3 on the counters. I’m sure that will be gone but try calling for tomorrow stocks. Good luck guys.

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