iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S Differences

iPhone 5 is about to launch in Malaysia. Have you made up your mind? Are you getting the iPhone 5? Or you’re thinking about saving some money and get the older model iPhone 4S, which is ‘good enough’ for most of us? In this article, we’ll compare iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S to give you a better view on their differences.

iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S Compared

iPhone 4S is Shorter

Most people will say that the iPhone 5 is longer than the iPhone 4S. Well, I like to put it this way, the iPhone 4S is shorter than the iPhone 5. Don’t you think so after seeing the above picture?

iPhone 4S = 115.2 mm
iPhone 5 = 123.8 mm
Difference = 8.6 mm

iPhone 4S is Heavier

The iPhone 5 is 20% lighter than the iPhone 4S. It is the lightest iPhone ever built.

iPhone 4S = 140 grams
iPhone 5 = 112 grams
Difference = 28 grams

iPhone 4S is Thicker

The iPhone 5 is 18% thinner than the iPhone 4S. It is the thinnest iPhone ever built.

iPhone 4S = 9.3 mm
iPhone 5 = 7.6 mm
Difference = 1.7 mm

iPhone 5 White & Silver

iPhone 5 is Faster

The iPhone 5 is in fact the faster iPhone ever built. It is twice as fast as the iPhone 4S.


iPhone 4S: A5 Chip
iPhone 5: A6 Chip

The A6 Chip provides twice as fast performance and graphics than the A5 chip but is also more power efficient. It is 22% smaller than the A5 chip.


iPhone 4S: 3.5-inch (diagonal) Retina Display with 960 x 640 resolution and 326 ppi pixel density; 3:2 aspect ratio
iPhone 5: 4.0-inch (diagonal) Retina Display with 1136 x 640 resolution and 326 ppi pixel density; 16:9 aspect ratio

The iPhone 5 touch sensors are now integrated into the display itself. This move of removing a layer causes the screen to be sharper. Also, the new display provides 44% more colour saturation compared to the previous model. With the larger screen, iPhone 5 supports wide screen video playback. Most of the iPhone apps have also been updated to take full advantage of the bigger screen with apps now displaying more information.

Sim Card

iPhone 5: Nano Sim
iPhone 4S: Micro Sim

Micro Sim and Nano Sim


The iPhone 5 camera is 25% smaller than the iPhone 4S’s but better. The back camera takes picture at 3264×2248 with backside illumination, hybrid IR filter, 2.4 aperture, five-element lens and has a durable sapphire crystal lens cover. The new iSight camera features a dynamic low light mode which captures much better photo under low light condition.

Both iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S have 8 megapixel iSight Rear Camera. But the iPhone 5 has a better front camera.

iPhone 4S Front FaceTime Camera: VGA-resolution for both photo and video
iPhone 5 Front FaceTime Camera: 1.2MP photo & 720p HD video


iPhone 4S: 30-pin connector
iPhone 5: Lightning connector

Lightning connector is reversible and is more durable than the 30-pin connector.

Wireless and Cellular

iPhone 5 supports Dual Band 802.11n Wireless connectivity that accelerates data transfer speed up to 150 Mbps. iPhone 4S does not.

iPhone 5 supports LTE (Long Term Evolution) but iPhone 4S does not.

Note: LTE network in Malaysia is not yet compatible with iPhone 5 LTE bandwidth.


iPhone 4S: Comes with Apple earphone with remote and mic
iPhone 5: Comes with Apple new EarPods with remote and mic

Apple EarPods

Battery Life

Despite being thinner, Apple have managed to improve battery life on the iPhone 5.

iPhone 4S: 8 Hours Talk Time on 3G, 6 Hours Browsing Time on 3G, Up to 200 hours standby time.
iPhone 5: 8 Hours Talk Time on 3G, 8 Hours Browsing Time on 3G, Up to 225 hours standby time.


iPhone 4S: RM1,799 for 16GB model (only 16GB model available in Apple Online Store today)

iPhone 5: RM2,199 (16GB), RM2,499 (32GB), RM2,799 (64GB)

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