iPhone 5 Pre-Order Starts in China, Could Hit Taiwan and Malaysia on Dec-14

Here comes another round of iPhone 5 release news that could interest Malaysians who are patiently waiting to get theirs when the device hits Malaysia shore. After releasing the iPhone 5 in India and Thailand on November 2, skipping Malaysia, Apple could be set to release their latest iPhone to more countries around the world some time in December 2012, including China, Taiwan and probably Malaysia too.

iPhone 5 Global Rollout

Pre-Order Starts in China

On 26 November 2012, Global Times China, a daily Chinese Tabloid reported that China Telekom has started taking pre-orders of iPhone 5. “We’ll contact you immediately if the iPhone 5 hits our shelves,” said the customer service employee on China Telecom’s hotline when reached by the Global Times Sunday. The customer service employee also added that China Telecom version of iPhone 5 will go on sale sometime in December 2012, although the exact date of shipping remains uncertain. On the other hand, China Unicom, the first mobile carrier in China to introduce the iPhone in China, has yet to begin receiving pre-orders of iPhone 5. “We have no information yet as to the arrival (of China Unicom’s version of the iPhone 5),” Wen Baoqiu, spokesman for China Unicom, told the Global Times Sunday. Apple CEO Tim Cook have earlier hinted during the company’s 4th quarter earning’s call (October 25) that iPhone 5 launch in China ‘will happen in December‘.


iPhone 5 Could Hit Taiwan on December 14

Focus Taiwan News Channel reported yesterday that Taiwan’s major telecom carriers confirmed media reports on Monday that the iPhone 5 is “very likely” to hit the local market on December 14, although Apple has yet to ‘give its consent’ on the details, including the release date. Three Taiwanese mobile carriers namely Chunghwa Telecom, Far Eastone Telecommunications, and Taiwan Mobile plan to take pre-orders one week before the launch date.


iPhone 5 Malaysia December 14 also?

Also on the same date when all the above news were unveiled, Malaysian Wireless reported that iPhone 5 may launch in Malaysia on December 14. However because the date is more than 2 weeks ahead of the time of writing, they could not guarantee that Apple will not change their mind. Malaysian Wireless also said that due to some important reasons, they can only reveal pricing for the iPhone 5 close to the launch date in Malaysia. Although this news contradict with our earlier report from Malay Mail that latest Apple gadgets including the iPhone 5, iPad Mini and New iPad will only arrive in Malaysia January 2013, we believe Malaysia stands a good chance of having the iPhone 5 by end of 2012.


iPhone 5 Supply Catching Up in the US

Yes, iPhone 5 supply in USA is finally catching up, and it’s catching up fast. On the USA Apple Online Store, iPhone 5 shipping period which was previously 3 – 4 weeks has been improved to 2 weeks just before Black Friday a few days ago and it is now only 1 week!! This is a clear sign that Apple is finally catching up on its iPhone 5 supply, which is another reason why the iPhone 5 could set to hit the shores of more countries around the world by December 2012.

iPhone 5 Supply is Catching Up

Let’s hope that the above news are indeed accurate where iPhone 5 is about to reach Malaysia in a bit more than 2 weeks time from now.

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