iPhone Malaysia: Maxis Wants You To Switch To Them

Whether you are an existing Maxis customer or from another network, Maxis wants you to celebrate the new year with them. For a limited time only, Maxis is offering subsidised 16GB iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S if you sign-up for their 24 months contracted SurfMore75, TalkMore78 or TalkMore48.

Maxis iPhone Come Celebrate With Us

iPhone 5 from RM1,088 and iPhone 4S from RM788

This offer is valid until 28 February 2013 and you are required to pay an advance payment of RM1,000 which will be credited into your monthly bill within 5 months period.

Unlike Maxis iPhone iValue Plans, SurfMore75 plan allocates 5GB of mobile internet only. For voice call and SMS, you will need to pay as you use. For TalkMore plans, you are allocated a fixed amount of minutes of voice call and number of SMS, with no mobile internet data allocation and therefore, Maxis requires you to sign-up for an additional Mobile Internet Plan for an additional RM48/month if you sign-up to any one of the TalkMore plans. Details below.

New Maxis iPhone Offer Plans

Terms and Conditions

Maxis SurfMore75

Maxis SurfMore75

For details about Maxis SurfMore75 Plan, click HERE.

Maxis TalkMore78

Maxis TalkMore78

For details about Maxis TalkMore78 Plan, click HERE.

Maxis TalkMore48

Maxis TalkMore48

For details about Maxis TalkMore48 Plan, click HERE.

To view Maxis iValue Plans, click HERE.

Source: Maxis.com.my

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