MalaysiaKu iPad Sketching Contest Results

iPad Club Malaysia had on August 28, 2012 initiated an iPad Sketching Contest with the theme of MalaysiaKu in conjunction with the National Independence Day (31 August) and Malaysia Day (16 September). Details of the competition can be found on the following link:

During the competition period, iPad Club Malaysia has received a total of 5 creative artworks created using the Paper for iPad app, which shows the artistic and patriotic side of our fellow Malaysians using the magical iPad. The winner of the competition has been decided by member’s voting via our Facebook page ( which carries 50% of the total score and another 50% is given by iPad Club Malaysia Admins (10% per vote per admin).

Below is the result of the competition:

Artwork#1 – by Ahmad Najeeb Ishak

Total Members Votes = 22 (18.03%)
Total Admin Votes = 2 (20%)
Total Score = 38.03%

Artwork #1 by Ahmad Najeeb Ishak


Artwork#2 – by Dian Bato

Total Members Votes = 0
Total Admin Votes = 0
Total Score = 0

Artwork #2 by Dian Bato


Artwork#3 – by Muhammad Azwan bin Azri

Total Members Votes = 28 (22.95%)
Total Admin Votes = 1 (10%)
Total Score = 32.95%

Artwork#3 by Muhammad Azwan Bin Azri


Artwork#4 – by Muhammad bin Abdul Wahid

Total Members Votes = 9 (7.37%)
Total Admin Votes = 0
Total Score = 7.37%

Artwork#4 by Muhammad bin Abdul Wahid


Artwork#5 – by Sharon Tan Mimi

Total Members Votes = 2 (1.65%)
Total Admin Votes = 2 (20%)
Total Score = 21.65%

Artwork#5 by Sharon Tan Mimi


iPad Club Malaysia hereby declare that the winner of the competition to be Artwork#1, created by Ahmad Najeeb Ishak. Congratulations and thank you for creating such an interesting artwork to represent our Malaysia. iPad Club Malaysia will send your artwork to FiftyThree – the creator of Paper for iPad App and hopefully it will be accepted and published on their website.

We would also like to thank all of the participants for creating such wonderful artworks.

Our comments:

Artwork#2 by Dian Bato: Judging from the young age of this artist, the precision of the outline of this artwork is outstanding!! Colouring skill can be improved and some works on the wording will make the artwork even better. Keep up the good work!!

Artwork#3 by Muhammad Azwan: Creative!! You’ve managed to use the Wau Bulan to represent Malaysia and decorated it with the Malaysia Flag.

Artwork#4 by Muhammad bin Abdul Wahid: A truly amazing artwork that makes us realize how the iPad can be used to create such a masterpiece. Wonderful use of color but the facial outline of Tunku Abdul Rahman can be further improved especially on the mouth section.

Artwork#5 by Sharon Tan: Wow. MalaysiaKu truly rocks. This artwork reminds us of the famous Lat artwork and carries the Kampung feel.

Emails will be sent to all of the above artists to confirm the delivery address and T-Shirt size. Each will be awarded with one iPad Club Malaysia T-Shirt worth RM35.

The Winner – Ahmad Najeeb Ishak will be awarded with the first prize, which is one (1) Rev360 iPad Case worth RM189, as pictured below.

The Best Way To Hold Your iPad

Rev360 iPad Case – The Best Way To Hold Your iPad

Thank you for supporting our MalaysiaKu iPad Sketching Contest and make it such a successful event.

If you are interested to purchase our T-Shirt, click here.

If you are interested to purchase the Rev360 iPad Case, click here.

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