Microsoft Office for iPad is here

Microsoft Office for iPad

For those who has been waiting for ages to see Microsoft Office – Word, Excel and PowerPoint on their iPad, your wish has come true. The official Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint Apps for iPad is now available for download in the AppStore for free. However, there is a catch (there is still no free lunch out there).

Office 365 Subscription

By downloading the app for free, you are only able to view the documents on your iPad. A subscription to Office 365 is required in order for you to edit and share the documents on your iPad. Here’s the price list:

Office 365 Home Premium: US$9.99 (per month) or US$99.99 (per year).

Office 365 Home Premium

Office 365 for Business: Comes in multiple plans.

Office 365 for Business

For more information about Office for iPad from Microsoft official website, click here.

Introductory Video

Direct Download Links

Tap on the icons below to download the apps for free.


How To Get Started with Office for iPad

We’ve found a very well written step by step article on the ReadWriteWeb. Click on the button below to view the article.

How To Get Started With Office For iPad

Now, there’s even more reason to enjoy using the iPad. Have fun!!

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