Next 10 Apps for Your New iPad and iPad Mini

This is the second part of our 10 Apps for Your New iPad and iPad Mini series. We have earlier recommended the First 10 Apps for Your New iPad and iPad Mini where all 10 apps that we recommended were Free apps. In this article, we continue to recommend you the next 10 apps for your New iPad and iPad Mini. This time, not all apps listed are Free apps.

11. Convert Units Free HD (Free)

Convert Units Free HD

A simple, easy to use and free Unit Converter App for your iPad.

You will not know when you need to use it, but it is always handy to have one on your iPad and just launch it to quickly convert units for your daily needs.

This app performs currency conversion too.

Compatible with iPad only.



12. Pocket (Free)


iPad is the best device for browsing the web and reading news and articles from the internet. What if you have so many articles that you do not have enough time to read them? Or you’ve found a very interesting article that you would like to keep it for future reference?

With Pocket, it let’s you read web articles later. It allows you to download articles from the internet into your iPad and read it whenever you want to, even when you’re without internet connection. I used to use this app to download articles into my iPad and read them when I am on the plane. Supported by popular reading apps like Flipboard and Zite.

You also get to read the articles on your other devices as long as they have the Pocket App installed and you’re signed in to your Pocket account. Works on iPad, iPhone and Mac.

Universal App: Compatible with iPad and iPhone.


13. Watchlater ($0.99)


This is an app that allows you to bookmark a YouTube video, cache it and watch it later.

It basically lets you download a YouTube video into your iPad when you have a Wi-Fi connection, and watch that video later even when you do not have internet connection then.

We have a full article that covers this app here.

Universal App: Compatible with iPad and iPhone.


14. Fruit Ninja HD ($0.99)

Fruit Ninja HD

Must have iPad game. This is a game that we think every iPad user should have on their iPad.

Slice those juicy fruits with your fingers on your iPad while avoiding bombs to score as high as you can in each round of game.

Compatibility: iPad only.




15. Angry Birds HD ($2.99)

Angry Birds HDThis is another game that we think should appear on every iPad.

An award winning and one of the most popular game on iPad. This is the first version of the Angry Birds game that appeared on the Apple App Store, consisting of hundreds of levels for you to kill you time with, shooting birds (angry ones) onto the bad piggies.

Compatibility: iPad only.



16. Plant vs Zombies HD ($0.99)

Plant vs Zombies HDStop zombies from invading your house and eat your brain by planting defensive plants in your garden and rooftop. Warning: An extremely addictive game for both children and adults.

Another must have iPad game.

Compatibility: iPad only.




17. Financial Daily by The Edge (Free)

Financial Daily by The EdgeFill your iPad’s Newsstand with this free Made in Malaysia digital business newspaper. Get the latest business news into your iPad after midnight every business day.

The contents are exactly the same as the printed issue which will cost you RM1.50 if you purchase from the physical newsstand or 7-Eleven outlets.

Compatibility: iPad only.





18. Amazing Wallpaper HD (Free)

Amazing Wallpaper HDGetting bored of your built-in wallpapers on your iPad? Get free wallpapers from this amazing app.

This app is filled with breathtaking photos and artworks that you can save into your iPad and make them your wallpaper.

Compatibility: iPad only.




19. Evernote (Free)

EvernoteEvernote is an easy-to-use app that helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use. Stay organized, save your ideas and improve productivity. Evernote lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders and makes these notes completely searchable, whether you are at home, at work, or on the go.

Universal App: Compatible with both iPad and iPhone




20. AppShopper (Free)

App Shopper

This app is recently removed from the Apple App Store due to violation of Apple’s new App Store rule back in September 2012.

However, you can still create an account with them on their website and use their features.

This app allows you to create a wishlist of apps and will send you a notification and email whenever the app has gone free or reduced in price.

You can also browse through the apps that have gone free or price reduction with App Shopper. An extremely useful app to get your dream app at discounted price and will help you find your next apps for your iPad. Let’s hope that Apple will re-list this app in the App Store as soon as possible.

With this, we hope we have helped you to get on your feet in getting some good apps into your newly purchase iPad and iPad mini.

Disclaimer: Readers are advised to check for the latest price before purchasing an app as prices listed are as found values at the time this article is written and can change anytime by the App Developer.

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