Plants vs Zombies Still Free

Update 01 March 2013 10 a.m.:

The game is no longer free now.

Plants vs Zombies HD

Plants vs. Zombies HD

Probably one of the best game to be played on the iPad, Plants vs Zombies HD is currently still Free for download. The game which was featured in our article Next 10 Apps For Your New iPad and iPad Mini was free since early last week on 21 February 2013. It’s original price tag was US$6.99.

Click on the image on the left or the title above to download the iPad only HD version.

The iPhone version is also free. To download, click here.

In Plants vs. Zombies gameplay, your mission is to stop zombies from invading your house and eat your brain off. To do so, you need to plant defensive plants in your garden and rooftop that will in turn attack the invading zombies. Warning, this is an extremely addictive game for both children and adults. Plants vs. Zombies is currently Apple’s App Store Free App of the Week.

Plants vs Zombies HD Gameplay

What are you still waiting for? Go ahead and download this fantastic game into your iPad now!!

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