Rumours and Concepts of iPad 5, iPhone 6 and iOS 7

After the launch of iPad Mini, iPad 4, iPhone 5 and iOS 6, it is again the season for rumours and concepts of the next generation iOS devices and software. I have researched and gathered a few videos and pictures that have been going around the world wide web recently in this article to get you excited.

iPad 5 and iPhone 5S Rumours

iPad 5

It is highly expected that the next generation iPad will be at least as sexy as the iPad Mini. The left and right side bezels are expected to be thinner, just like the iPad Mini and the overall size of the iPad 5 will be smaller and thinner compared to the iPad 4. iPad 5 will still have a 9.7″ retina display and is expected to be as thin as the iPad Mini and significantly lighter than the iPad 4. We also expect the iPad 5 to include a 128GB model. The next generation iPad will definitely make a bigger leap in fulfilling the role of a full PC replacement.

Martin Hajek is a successful designer and his works in creating concepts of the next generation iOS devices have been featured in popular tech websites like Cult Of Mac and iPhone in Here are some iPad 5 concept pictures shared from Martin’s Flickr Photostream.

iPad 4 vs iPad 5

iPad 5 Concept

iPad 5 Concept

iPad 5 Concept

And here’s a video showing a recent leaked iPad 5 back cover pictures shared by our member Qamarul Hazimin on our Facebook Page.

iPhone 5S, iPhone Mini or iPhone 6

Next iPhone Concept

With fierce competition from Android phones, Apple is rumoured to introduce a cheaper iPhone to compete in the lower price smartphone market segment. Some said that the cheaper iPhone will be built from plastic casing and there are also rumours that Apple will be releasing a smaller iPhone which will be called the iPhone Mini, which is shorter (just like the size of iPhone 4S) but inherit the look and feel of the iPhone 5. On the premium iPhone side, the next iPhone to be released is expected to be the iPhone 5S instead of the iPhone 6. As usual, iPhone 5S is expected to feature hardware upgrades with no major design changes. However, there are also rumours that the iPhone 5S will come in different colours, just like the current iPod Touch lineup with 6 different colours (Slate, Silver, Pink, Yellow, Blue and Red).

Colourful iPhone 5S

Martin Hajek has earlier sent a few mockups to NoWhereElse on what he thinks the iPhone Mini would look like and I have included a few of the pictures below.

iPhone Mini Concept

iPhone Mini Concept

iPhone Mini Concept

And for those who would like to have a peek into a dream phone of the future, the video below shows a concept of a transparent iPhone 6.

Concepts of iOS 7

Like late Steve Jobs said “If the hardware is the brain and the sinew of our products, the software is their soul”. As a user, we are always expecting something new and cool from the operating system running on our devices, even when the existing one is working wonderfully. So, what to expect in the coming iOS 7 update which is expected to be released late 2013? ALManimation released the concept video below, showcasing a few new features which are in their wish list for iOS 7. In the concept video, they have added new features like Quick Settings, New Security Options and App Switcher. To read the complete explanation of their concept, click here.

The following are 2 more concept videos of the next generation iOS found on YouTube:

What do you look forward to the most? iPad 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone Mini, iPhone 6 or iOS 7? Tell us in the comment section below.

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  1. You are missing the funniest “iPhone 6 and iOS 7” concept video! – iPhone 6 and iOS 7 Leaked Epic Apple Commercial imagines the next iPhone having an Australian accent for iOS 7 siri as well as auto-tune plus more. LOL.

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