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The new iPad, especially the cellular ones is known for its ultrafast connectivity, but what if you wanna push the limit even further? With some tips, tricks and cool apps to start with, it’s indeed possible to speed up the browsing on the iPad, not just limited to Safari, but also to other web elements in various apps installed on your device, like Twitter or even the App Store app itself. Follow along the post as we discover some ways to speed up your browsing. Fasten your seatbelt!

Using DNS

This has been a well-known trick to speed up the web browsing on iPad, or pretty much any other Wi-Fi enabled device. Since Apple limits DNS addition to only Wi-Fi networks (cellular networks not supported), using DNS helps speed up the web browsing of up to 10 to 20 percent faster response in connectivity. If you happen to connect to Wi-Fi networks, in your home or outside, simply add Google DNS or OpenDNS IP address to the respective Wi-Fi networks section in the Settings.app. It’s free, fast, and it works.

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on “Wi-Fi” and tap the blue arrow alongside the network name you are connected to
  • Tap the numbers next to “DNS” to change them, either Google DNS (, or OpenDNS (,
*Note that you may need to add manually to other individual Wi-Fi networks, but it’s remembered once you’ve added it)

Using Data Compression

Apps like Onavo Extend lets you compress data by tenfold, and speed up browsing much faster since it compresses every single element of any websites sent and received to you, like images, CSS and Javascript. Although this only works with cellular-enabled iPads (Wi-Fi + 3G and Wi-Fi + 4G), this is a very handy way to save data too if you’re on a limited data plan. You can adjust the compression ratio within the app, either you want the images to stay crisp and original or letting it compress the images by graining it to speed up the browsing. Not only works with websites via Safari, it also works with web elements within other apps as well, like Twitter and the App Store app, which tend to be heavy on images.

*Note that if you use Personal Hotspot on cellular iPads, you are NOT recommended to use this app as it might also interfere with the Personal Hotspot option in Settings.app.

Using VPN

VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks lets you browse websites privately without your carrier or internet provider sniffing on you. Although some may actually makes browsing much slower, there are others that can indeed help speed up browsing by at least 5 percent. Exclusive to iPad Club Malaysia, here’s how to install a completely FREE VPN for your iPads:

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on General > Network > VPN > Add VPN Configuration
  • Tap on PPTP, while Proxy kept to OFF
  • Look at the snapshot above and add exactly the required infos
  • For the password, click here to request one and add it manually based on the snapshot above
  • Hit Save and turn VPN to ON

*Note that the password will be renewed from time to time. If you’re getting error messages, simply request a new password to replace it. Also, please don’t abuse the service. It’s our only free way for VPNs on iOS devices.

Using Apps

While we’ve talked about data compression earlier, apps like Opera Mini also comes in handy with built-in compression service as well. It will work regardless of any models of iPads or connectivity that you used, and it’s highly recommended to surf websites faster on a slow connection. With the new update that comes with data tracking tool, you can track how much data you’ve saved while using it.

*Since the app was designed to work with slow internet connection, using it on fast connection may otherwise slowed the browsing instead since it basically sends data to their servers to be compressed and delivered back to you.

Using Local Caching

Often dismissed by many, local caching helps speed up the browsing on almost any web elements within apps including Safari. While many browsers saved local cache by default, some websites even suggested you to clean the cache from time to time due to privacy reasons. However, if you’re not concern about any of those, or if you need to browse faster the more you use it, you don’t have to clear Cookies and Data for the Safari.app. These cached data saved the state of the website you’re visiting so it will load faster the next time you access it. You can always clear the browsing history though since it’s not relevant and often slowed the browsing fluidity.

*While local caching helps speed up the browsing, some frequently-updated sites like banking often doesn’t save the state for security reasons. You can always enable Private Browsing in Safari to browse sensitive websites without saving such data.

Using Limited Third-Party Connectivity

iPad, like any other connected devices, periodically pings to the networks to update the information sent and received to you. While the data transfers between devices and the servers is tiny, some may often be larger than normal and might impact the speed of your internet connection. Here’s some simple ways to speed up your browsing on the go, especially during emergency:

  • Turn ON Airplane Mode (especially cellular iPads) to limit connectivity to Wi-Fi browsing
  • Turn OFF Photo Stream (if you use Wi-Fi) by going to Settings > Photos
  • Turn OFF Automatic Downloads by going to Settings > Store
  • Turn OFF Newsstand magazine subscription within Automatic Downloads
  • Quit background apps that connects periodically to the internet

*Although the expected results is not guaranteed, it does help minimize the noise in internet connection that you’re using.

Using Common Sense

Of course you’ll need a faster connection to surf everything at peak speed. If you’re stuck with a slower/limited broadband connection or throttled cellular data plan, try to limit what you’re browsing only for what’s important. Avoid using Wi-Fi at crowded or congested areas since it often reduces speed at worse. Hold off your connection from sharing with others since other connected devices may suck in as much data as you do.


We hope some of these tips and tricks works for you if you wanna speed up your browsing. Now, tell us which one of these you would recommend to others by casting your vote in the poll below, or drop us a comment if you have some yourself worth recommending. Who knows if we might feature yours onto the list as well!

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  1. Thanks for the tips. Will now go and test it out here in my aparatment. Cheers.

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    Did the setting exactly but can’t connected to the VPN

    • Hi @Kwanfm,

      The password might have been changed on your part. Click on the link provided above to get a new password since it periodically changes from time to time for privacy reasons. Hope it works for you.


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