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Celcom iPhone 5 Plans

Celcom iPhone 5 Plans

Celcom has just in a few hours ago unveiled Celcom iPhone 5 Plans to people who has earlier pre-ordered the device from them. The iPhone 5 Plans information was sent via email and we got this information from our member @keantee via Twitter. Celcom has earlier only allowed Pre-Ordering of iPhone 5 with only RM200 […]

iPhone 5 Global Rollout

iPhone 5 Pre-Order Starts in China, Could Hit Taiwan and Malaysia on Dec-14

Here comes another round of iPhone 5 release news that could interest Malaysians who are patiently waiting to get theirs when the device hits Malaysia shore. After releasing the iPhone 5 in India and Thailand on November 2, skipping Malaysia, Apple could be set to release their latest iPhone to more countries around the world […]