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iPhone 5

iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad 4 and iMac only in Malaysia January 2013?

Bad news for Malaysians wanting to get their hands on the latest Apple gadgets. Our member Kean Tee earlier informed us of The Malay Mail latest report that several Apple Authorised Dealers confided the launch of Apple latest gadgets including the iPhone 5 are very likely to be delayed until after January 2 at the earliest. There […]

iPad Mini Colors

Apple Sold 3 Million iPad Mini and iPad4 Combined in 3 Days, Hints More Countries to Get iPad Mini and iPad4 by Year End

Apple just announced through it’s website that 3 million iPad Mini and iPad4 combined have been sold in just 3 days since they were released on November 2. The sale number doubled iPad3 first weekend sale number of 1.5 million units (Wi-Fi only model) back in March 2012. The comparison is made only on Wi-Fi […]

5 iPad Clock Apps We Like

iPad is commonly used as a content consuming device, where we browse the internet, read news and emails, watch videos and movies, listen to musics and enjoy photos with it. Also, some of us use the iPad as a content creating device, where we create artworks, digital paintings, video clips, musics and edit photos with […]

The New iPad Killers

You must have least expected to see a title like this on an iPad Club website. A new iPad killer? Not one but two??!! Well, every new tablets that were launched in the past few years had been called the iPad killer. But have you even wondered why everyone wants to kill the iPad and […]