Tidal Music Streamer on iOS and Mac OS

The Tidal music streamer has been here planting its root on the ground for more than a month or so but I personally find them to be an impressive music streamer.

They work exactly the same like Spotify except that, Tidal does not have a free version at the moment, I doubt there will be any either. The well known Spotify streams at 320kbps music file max while the Tidal streams at 1411kbps. For those who don’t know, 1411kbps means CD quality while 320kbps is in mp3. The difference? Pretty much a huge jump.

For this entire month, I have been using the Tidal more so than Spotify. While Spotify offers lower quality music streaming, it obviously streams music much faster than Tidal. The good news is, like the Spotify, the Tidal offers offline mode where you are allowed to download the entire album or single track for offline listening. This feature however, is only available on mobile devices such as; iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. It is sadly, not available on Window PC or Mac OS.




[Screenshots of Tidal on iPad and iPhone respectively]

Music library size wise, the Tidal may still be lacking in comparison to the extremely music rich Spotify but Tidal will be adding more in the coming month. You can read more about it here.

The Tidal’s subscription will cost you USD 20 per month [twice the Spotify’s charges] but if you wish to enjoy a new level of audio quality, Tidal’s asking price may be worthy for you. In fact, it is much cheaper than getting 2 genuine CD album. The sad news is that, Tidal is not yet available in Malaysia. However, through VPN server, we can too, enjoy the privileges the Tidal offers. It is only needed upon singing up and logging in, right after that, you can disable VPN server for faster streaming experience.

Afraid you can’t here the difference after paying the money? Test it here: http://test.tidalhifi.com/

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