To Bee or Not To Bear? [iPad Game Recommendation]

To Bee or Not To Bear? It is not often you find a game title that sounds like a question. Well this one is. Created by Anton Roshchine, To Bee or Not To Bear is a cute yet addictive iOS game that is suitable for both children and adults.

What does a bee and a bear have in common? They both likes honey. While hardworking bees make honey, hungry bears eat honey. In this game, both the bees and bears are tied with bungee cord and your job is to cut the bear’s cord to stop them from eating away honey in the bee hive brought-in by the bees. In doing that, you should avoid wrongly cutting the bees (good guys) bungee cord or you will lose hit points that will end the game if you’re out of it. In addition, some of the honey cells with different colours will give you special power when you tap on them.

To Bee Or Not To BearTo Bee or Not To Bear? HD

Price: $0.99 (Was $2.99)

This game is currently on sale from 15 – 21 January 2013. So grab a copy today from the App Store before the price is back to normal.

The HD version of the game listed above is only compatible with the iPad. To download the iPhone version of the game, click here. The iPhone version is also priced at $0.99.


To Bee Or Not To Bear? Gameplay

Gameplay Video

Download the game into your iPad today. You and your children will like it.

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