Top 4 Free iPad Wallpaper Apps

The iPad requires only two wallpapers, one for the Lock Screen and the other for the Home Screen. These are the screens that somehow represents our personality and our iPad. These are also the screens that we will look at first whenever we turn on that iPad display. In this article, we recommend top 4 free iPad wallpaper apps that are worth to download and give your iPad screens a change from that boring default iPad wallpaper from Apple. There are hundreds of iPad Wallpaper Apps in the App Store and in our research, we have downloaded and compared more than 15 most popular and highly rated apps for this article. However, we found that even though some are highly rated, we feel that they fall short of our expectation after testing them. We have therefore shortlisted to only 4 free iPad wallpaper apps to recommend.

1. Amazing Wallpaper HD (Free)

This is the first free iPad Wallpaper app that got into my iPad and lasted until today. They have amazing pictures to be downloaded into your iPad. The problem here is to make up your mind which one to choose as your wallpaper. They are all amazingly beautiful!!

Compatible with iPad only.

Amazing Wallpaper HD

2. Skindex (Free)

Skindex by From the Top is a unique free iPad wallpaper app. Unlike the usual wallpaper app which gives you images to choose from, Skindex actually allows you to choose Shelves over your existing wallpaper so that your Apps can now sit on the shelves instead of hanging in the air. Also, this app allows you to add Icon Skins to your existing icons, so all your existing apps will have beautiful borders around them. A must have free iPad Wallpaper App.

Compatible with iPad only.


3. HD Wallpapers Stand (Free)

HD Wallpapers Stand has a clean and simple layout in displaying the beautiful wallpapers to be chosen. You can choose the different categories of pictures from Flowers, Winter, City, Landscape, Fantasy, etc. You’ll just love the pictures presented in this app.

Compatible with both iPad and iPhone.

HD Wallpapers Stand

4. Wallpapers by GelaSkins (Free)

This is an app from the popular iPad, iPod and iPhone skin maker which offers artworks from their Artist Gallery to become your iPad and iPhone wallpaper. The wallpapers offered here are mostly paintings and other forms of artworks. If you are tired of having photos as the background of your iPad, you may want to browse the free iPad wallpaper this app offers.

Compatible with both iPad and iPhone.

Wallpapers by GelaSkins

How to Change iPad Wallpaper?

Now that you have the chosen picture downloaded to your iPad Photo Library, how to set them as your Lock Screen or Home Screen Wallpaper? There are 2 simple ways to do that.

Method #1: From The Photo App
Launch your Photos App on the iPad and identify the photo you want to set as the wallpaper. Tap on that photo to make it display in full screen. Next, tap on that top right corner icon (next to the dustbin icon) that has an arrow coming out of a rectangular box. You will then see a bunch of selections. Choose ‘Use as Wallpaper’. The image will be enlarged once you tap on that button. Adjust how you want that enlarged image looked on your iPad Lock Screen or Home Screen and then tap either ‘Set Lock Screen’, ‘Set Home Screen’ or ‘Set Both’ and you’re done.

Method #2: From The Settings
Launch the Settings app on your iPad. Tap on Brightness & Wallpaper. Then tap on the images under the Wallpaper section. Choose from your photo library the photo you want to set as the wallpaper. When the photo is launched, tap ‘Set Lock Screen’, ‘Set Home Screen’ or ‘Set Both’ and you’re done.

I hope you find this article useful in helping you to find the best wallpaper for your iPad Lock Screen and Home Screen. If you have any good free iPad Wallpaper app that we have missed in this article, do share with us in the comment section below.

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