What To Expect In WWDC 2014

Apple’s annual event – its World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) is to be held from 02 – 06 June 2014 in San Francisco, USA. The most anticipated event, its keynote presentation, will be held on 02 June 2014 from 10am to 12pm PDT. Apple will live stream the event so everyone with an internet connection will be able to watch the event live.



What Time To Watch In Malaysia?

03 June 2014 – 1.00am

How To Watch The Event?

Click on the below link to watch live. Or if you have an Apple TV, you can watch the event live on your TV.


What To Expect?

iOS 8

Expect to see the announcement of iOS 8 in tonight’s event. From the banner found in the WWDC keynote venue, Apple will definitely introduce iOS 8 to the world.

iOS 8 is the mobile operating system for the iPad and iPhone. Do not expect some extreme changes from the existing iOS 7. We expect seeing almost the same user interface in iOS 8 but with some new features to be introduced such as the new Healthbook app, Connected Home App, improved Siri, Apple Map App and iTunes Radio availability to many more parts of the world.

iOS8 Banner


Mac OS X

Also expect to see the latest and greatest update to Mac OS X, the operating system for MacBooks and iMac. Rumours have it that it will look more like iOS than ever.

Mac OS X Banner

What Not To Expect?

iPhone 6, new iPad Air, iWatch or any new hardware related announcements. Apple usually only introduces software related updates in the WWDC event. They will announce hardware related updates in their other event later in the year.

So, get ready for WWDC14

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