Where To Get A Nano SIM Card in Malaysia?

The iPhone 5 and iPad Mini (Wi-Fi + Cellular model) takes Nano SIM Card while the iPhone 4S and new iPad with Retina Display (Generation 3 & 4) takes Micro SIM Card. The Nano SIM card is 30% smaller and 15% thinner than the Micro SIM card and measures at 12.3 x 8.8 mm in size and 0.7 mm in thickness. Now the question is, where to get a nano SIM card in Malaysia today?

Nano SIM Card

Can I Cut a Micro SIM to a Nano SIM?

Yes, it is still possible to cut an existing Conventional SIM Card or Micro SIM to a Nano SIM even though the thickness is different. However, it is always advisable to purchase a new Nano SIM from your mobile carrier to avoid damaging your existing SIM card or worse, damaging your iPhone or iPad Mini. However, if you are left with no choice when your mobile carrier does not provide a Nano SIM card for your package yet (faced by most prepaid mobile users in Malaysia), this is the only thing you can do – Make Your Own Nano SIM Card. I was informed that both Maxis Hotlink and DiGi Prepaid do not have the Nano SIM card available yet as of the time this article is written.

The following video is a simple step-by-step guide on how you can cut your existing SIM card to a Nano SIM and has proven to work on my iPhone 5 (DiGI Prepaid Conventional SIM card). According to this video, you have to visit their website and print out a piece of paper that will guide you to accurately cut your existing SIM card. But always remember, do this at your own risk.

Where to Get A Nano SIM Card in Malaysia?


Maxis is the first in Malaysia to offer the Nano SIM card to their postpaid customers. For only RM25, you can get the Nano Sim Card from selected Maxis Centres nationwide. Official Maxis announcement on 21 September 2012 can be viewed here. Contact Maxis or locate the nearest Maxis Centres here. Maxis Hotlink Nano SIM Card is not yet available at the time this article is written.


Celcom offers Nano SIM card to both their postpaid and prepaid customers. For customers who have been with them for more than 12 months, they will get a Free Nano SIM Card in exchange with their existing one. For those who have been with Celcom for less than 12 months, RM5 is chargeable for the Nano SIM card exchange. You can get a Celcom Nano SIM card from Celcom Branches and Blue Cube Store nationwide. Locate these Celcom outlets here.


Get a Free Nano Sim Card when you subscribe to DG Smart Plan or DG Postpaid Plus. If you’re an existing DiGi customer, you can get a Nano SIM card for only RM20 at selected DiGi outlets nationwide. Locate the nearest DiGi outlets here. Nano SIM card for DiGi Prepaid is not available yet at the time this article is written.

U Mobile

You can get a U Mobile Nano SIM Card (both Postpaid and Prepaid) for only RM10 at U Mobile Service Centres nationwide. More information here.


At the time this article is written (December 26, 2012), the above are all that offers the Nano SIM card in Malaysia. Tune Talk, Yes 4G and P1 have not started to offer the Nano SIM card yet.

Please leave your comment if there is any inaccuracy or update on where you can get a Nano SIM Card in Malaysia.

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