YouTube for iPad App is Available Now

Google, the owner of YouTube just released the YouTube for iPad App a few hours ago. Instead of creating a new iPad only app, Google chose to update the existing YouTube for iPhone App and made it a Universal App which will work on both the iPad and iPhone. Besides, the update also enable the app to fully utilise the larger screen on the iPhone 5.

Apple Removed Native YouTube App on iOS 6

Due to deteriorating relationship with Google, Apple has earlier this year removed the native YouTube app on all iOS devices running on iOS 6.0 or later, causing many iPad users to use third party YouTube client apps in the App Store such as Jasmine and Video Tube Free for YouTube app, while waiting for Google to release the official YouTube for iPad app. Knowing that Apple will remove the YouTube app on iOS 6 release, Google has released the YouTube for iPhone app a week prior to iOS 6 release, but the app does not include support for iPad usage.

YouTube for iPad App Released Almost 3 Months Later

YouTube for iPad App LogoThe wait for an official YouTube for iPad app was long for iPad owners. It took almost 3 months for Google to finally release the iPad supported YouTube Universal App on 04 December 2012. The YouTube for iPad app is Free to download in the App Store.

Direct Download Link:


YouTube for iPad-Screenshot #1

YouTube for iPad Screenshot #2

What’s New

Apart from performance improvement that enable the app to run faster, the new YouTube app:

  • Allows streaming of Video with AirPlay;
  • The ability to add and remove videos from the playlist;
  • Introduction of clickable links in video description;
  • The ability to tap on Logo to open your guide of channels;
  • Improved accessibility with VoiceOver.

Go get the Google official YouTube app in the App Store today and enjoy a better YouTube experience on your iPad.

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