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iPad is the best device for content reading. In fact, the iPad has literally changed the entire digital publishing industry. In today’s digital age, people purchase more eBooks and eMagazines than the conventional paper media, thanks to the ease of accessing the latest publishing on the go. Zinio is a digital magazine company that offers access to hundreds of international magazines around the world. With Apple’s native Newsstand app not being able to offer the vast variety of digital magazines for Malaysians, the free Zinio App is the alternative and obvious choice.

Zinio for iPad

The Zinio App is Free to download and comes with a few Free Digital Magazines in it. The app is built for both the iPad and iPhone so you can carry your digital newsstand in whatever device you have with you. However, for best experience in reading digital magazines, we recommend using the iPad.

Access to Wide Variety of International Magazines

The thing that puts Zinio above any other Digital Magazine App is that it offers a wide variety of international titles. You can purchase almost any magazines you have heard of, including those that are not available in paper copy in major bookstores of Malaysia. To point out a few, below are some of the popular international magazines that you can purchase from Zinio:

  • Inc. Magazine
  • Mac Life
  • Shutterbug
  • Digital Camera World
  • PC Gamer
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Dwell
  • Decor
  • Vogue
  • Top Gear Magazine

Vague on Zinio

Magazine Content on Zinio

Zinio Science Tech Magazines

Subscription Enabled

Zinio allows you to pay a one time fee in US dollars and subscribe to a particular magazine for a certain period of time (e.g. 1 Year Subscription) so you will never miss an issue nor will have the trouble to travel to the book store every month to get your favourite magazine.

A lot Cheaper Than Paper Copy

The other great thing about purchasing your magazine from Zinio is the unbelievable low price it offers, especially when you subscribe to the magazine. You can easily save 50% off the physical newsstand price (often not more than RM3 per issue on subscription). Furthermore, Zinio sometimes offer free Zinio Credits that you can use to purchase more magazines.

Sale, Sale & Sales

Magazines in Zinio are on sales most of the time, offering popular titles at irresistible prices. The most recent and on-going ones are listed in the following banners (affiliated links):

Zinio Cyber Week  Fall Sale


Note: CyberWeek Promotion “Get 2 Years of Your Favourite Magazines for The Price of One” will expire on December 03, 2012.

Buy Once, Download and Read On Any Devices

You can purchase your Zinio Magazine from inside the iPad app, Android app or even on a PC or Mac. Once purchased, the magazine is yours to download to any devices to read, including the iPhone, iPad, Android devices, PC or Mac after logging in to your Zinio account.

Only Drawback: Not So Interactive

Digital magazines can be very interactive but not those on Zinio. Although Zinio claimed that they offer a few interactive digital magazines, I found that the level of interaction is poor. I have experienced other digital magazines such as the native Popular Photography app on Apple Newsstand to be a lot more interactive than those of Zinio. However, if you only wants exactly what you get from a paper copy magazine, that is how it will be displayed on your Zinio app on iPad. Nothing more, nothing less.

Download the Zinio App here:

Zinio for iPad

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